Feel safe with Teamstuff.

Gosh - what a big padlock. We hope that makes you feel safe and secure. But perhaps you're a little more technically minded? Well in that case OK, you're right - Teamstuff has no padlocks. Because you know, they're really not relevant to a cloud based platform like ours.

So our padlocks are a little more virtual, and if you're really interested then here goes; SSL traffic is 256-bit (AES_256_CBC, SHA1 and RSA) encrypted, we use tightly controlled security groups (on EC2 and RDS), slow hashing algorithms and lots and lots of salt. No password retrievals - because even we can't get them. There; make you feel a little easier?

We're passionate about privacy. Your personal account information is for you and you alone. Information you put in your profile for your team is shared only with your team, and we will never pass your information on to third parties.

Oh, and no ads (urgh).